Mica Gold Slice
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Mica Gold Slice

Product Code : NCRGSMI.25

Mica Gold Slice - 250g.

Notes: This product is sold in 250g bags. The size, shape and colour of the product you will receive may differ from the product shown in the image.

Crystal Type: Mica Gold

Crystal Details: Golden Mica is a potassium aluminium silicate and is a form of Mica, a pale yellow variety of Muscovite with a reflective pearly luster in the form of flakes, sheets, and layers. Muscovite is a potassium aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral commonly found in many rock types and as a primary mineral. Muscovite is often associated with other minerals such as Fuchsite and Verdite and is a member of the Mica group of minerals.

Chemical Composition: KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2

Average Weight: 250g

Average Size: 80mm

Average Quantity Per Pack: 2-3 pieces

Weight: 0.25 kg
Pack Dimensions: Length: 11cm x Width: 7cm x Height: 3cm

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