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Grape Agate Cluster 8

Grape Agate Cluster 8

Product Code: SCCLPGAG23-25

Categories: Crystals & Minerals, Specimen Crystals, Cluster
Crystal: Agate
Detail: Agate is a variegated variety of Chalcedony and is found worldwide.
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Origin: Brazil
Finish: Natural
Size: 55mm
Weight: 23g
Quantity: 1
Sold as Seen: No

Grape Agate is distinguished by its clusters of tiny pale lavender to deep purple spheres that resemble bunches of grapes.

Grape Agate is believed to promote wisdom, calmness, stability and self-assurance, protecting your mind, heart, and soul from negativity.
It creates a sense of security, especially in times of emotional stress and is beneficial for deep concentration and meditation and the ability to interpret dreams.

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