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Phantom Quartz Polished Point Selection

Phantom Quartz Polished Point Selection

Product Code: SCPPXSIPHQ25

Categories: Crystals & Minerals, Specimen Crystals, Point
Crystal: Quartz
Detail: Phantom Quartz contains inclusions of other minerals, which give it a shadowy or ghost-like appearance. These inclusions can be seen as dark spots, lines, or smudges within the crystal.The most common inclusion is rutile, which gives the crystal its distinctive black or brownish-black color.
Each crystal exhibits the outlines of many other smaller crystals, which are called phantoms and are created when a crystal growth is interrupted and then begins to form again.
Origin: Brazil
Finish: Polished
Size: 15 to 30mm
Weight: 25g
Quantity: 4
Sold as Seen: No

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